Ban Appeal Ds-JORDAN

Ban Appeal Form from Ds-JORDAN

In-Game name:

Response: Ds-JORDAN / BlackWh

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8/29/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Skidrow

Why should we unban you:

Response: Inglish:
There was a confusion with a message that I sent on a server (completely empty, with only bots) and I would like to talk to some admin for discord (Ds-JORDAN # 7975) I never liked the idea of ???using hacks in call of duty and less in his server that I play for years, I hope I can solve this problem soon thanks for your attention (they are good administrators and they can help me)

Hubo una confusi??n con un mensaje que envi?? en un servidor (completamente vac??o, con solo bots) y me gustar??a hablar con alg??n administrador por discordia (Ds-JORDAN # 7975) Nunca me gust?? la idea de usar hacks en call of duty y menos en su servidor que juego desde hace a??os, espero poder solucionar este problema pronto gracias por su atenci??n (son buenos administradores y pueden ayudarme)

You were banned for using a hack that literally spams a specific message in chat. There is also other things in your chat history that point towards you using hacks as well.

as I said to (spooky) I used some files to play in private games (lan) with my younger brother, but I didn’t use that to play against other players online (because it is annoying to have an advantage over other players) a certain mrKrabs in nuketown I always He accuses him of being a hacker and at that precise moment I activate my recorder so that it is seen in real time that I do not use hacks. That day I used those files to play against my brother and when I finished playing I entered his server without remembering that I had not deleted the files and the program executed that message, and at that precise moment I went out and deleted them because I only used them (to play in lan against my brother to laugh for a while) I repeat that I am not in favor of those who use those hacks against public people because they take away the fun from the game (what case would I have to play with hacks against other players? If I am going to have an advantage, no It’s neither fair nor fun) I deleted those files instantly and I haven’t used them again and I never use them in public games because I don’t like to have an advantage over other players that way, I have friends who come out as game and videos, captures in real time that prove that I play cleanly on your server.

In those 2 videos I take casualties through the walls and it is pure luck, it does not mean that I use hacks I have more videos on my computer where I do similar kills (I repeat the videos are in real time, they are not demo recordings)

I put that history to clarify what happened to the spoky I never used hacks against online opponents because that does not serve to show who is the best I have been in this game for more than 4 years (cod mw2) I never liked the idea of using hacks to win in all the years that I have played I have always played fair (history knew that what I write on your server is recorded, so I did it so that everyone can read and understand what happened, translate everything I wrote and not just some parts and you will understand Better to what I meant yesterday when I spoke to the spooky

Sadly you will not be unbanned. We can’t trust someone who had hacks at all period and actually entered a server. Please don’t take this personally but we need to be strict so we don’t get taken advantage of.
//Appeal Denied //Thread Locked