Ban Appeal Ds-JORDAN

Ban Appeal Form from Ds-JORDAN

In-Game name:

[color=#f3b230]Response: Ds-JORDAN / BlackWh[/color]

Date and approximate time of banning:

[color=#f3b230]Response: 29/08/2020[/color]

On what server you got banned:

[color=#f3b230]Response: NN 24/7 Skidrow[/color]

Why should we unban you:

[color=#f3b230]Response: I never used hacks, and that was because I didn’t need them, it will remain in my conscience that in all the time I play cod mw2 and on its servers I never use hacks against other players. :wink: :dance: :naughty:

“I leave you a video that I recorded before the ban on your server on the map: nuketown”[/color]

So we’re supposed to ignore that one video with the enemy holding a bright green rifle? You honestly must be retarded or something. Ban will always stay so stop making appeals because it will get you nowhere.
//Ban Appeal Denied //Thread Locked