Ban appeal (elwokko)

Ban Appeal Form from elwokko

In-Game name:

Response: kush

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/25/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown // all namelessnoobs servers???

Why should we unban you:

Response: i played 1 game and was banned???

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

According to the details of your ban, you were found to be cheating from the Anticheat and so we’d like to ask if you can share your demos from the previous few games that you were in. You can find these demos in the Userraw/Demos section of your installation. An example is provided below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2\userraw\demos

Demos come in two parts, a .dm_13 and a .dm_13.json file. BOTH must be uploaded together or the demo wont work. You’ll need to find the files from the game you were banned in which was at [22:51:54 UTC]. You can then upload these here on the forums using an attachment uploader in the full editor and preview section, or upload to another site like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, MEGA etc and link here.

Failure to provide demos will result in your appeal being denied.
Please respond here if you’re having any issues.


how do i submit demo here?? this is all i have??

Screenshot - 8ed6f50ce4532a5f66ee9f6375b3bc70 - Gyazo this is all i have how do i attach files

In your reply, click “Full editor and preview”

then click “attachments”

choose to add files, select all the files in the folder and click open

After a few moments to upload, submit the reply and a staff member can review the demos when available.

you can watch them all idkwhat is what
auto_1664151512.dm_13 (67.1 KB)
auto_1664151512.dm_13.json (94 Bytes)
auto_1664151818.dm_13 (89.8 KB)

Did you delete and try to reinstall your IW4x game files when you were banned? None of the demos in your screenshot match the timestamp from when this ban was applied to your profile.

i did because im just trying to play and i got banned for “cheating” and i thought it would let me play if i had a clean install, u can clearly tell in any of those i am not cheating, and it is frustrating to be banned on the only server that is active on mw2, i had a VPN going if that can trigger an anticheat but idk what else to tell ya i got iw4x cuz steam is riddled with cheaters, and i want to get away from it

Hello again,

Use of a VPN will not trigger an anti-cheat ban. You will simply be kicked from the server and informed that VPNs are not permitted.

Do you still have the demo files that you deleted? Unfortunately we cannot use demos from other games and servers as evidence against the ban in question. It will need to be the demo for the game in which you were banned.

You were banned at 2022-09-25 22:51:54 UTC (roughly 3 hours ago, as of the time I am posting this message). You will need to convert this to your local timezone and locate the .dm_13 corresponding to this game. You can typically identify the .dm_13 file in File Explorer by finding the .dm_13 file with a “Date modified” time that is just AFTER this timestamp, and a “Date created” time that is BEFORE this timestamp.

If you are unable to supply to demo file for the game that you were banned, and you have no additional evidence supporting your ban appeal for this game (such as an external game recording or live stream VOD), then we will have no other option but to conclude that the ban was legitimate.

Kind Regards,


thats crazy, cuz i didnt get kicked with the VPN on just banned


You were not banned for use of a VPN. You were banned by the anti-cheat system.

This is why we are asking if you have the demos from the game you were playing when you were banned.

Kind Regards,


you where banned for no recoil by our anti-cheat bot, ban stays in place

thank you