Ban Appeal Face

Ban Appeal Form from Face

In-Game name:

Response: Face

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/1/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN S&D

Why should we unban you:

Response: Played the game for a few months and i was number 1 for the longest on nameless noobs snd and was playing fair and id assume me messing around with a special needs kid in a discord saying I cheat got me banned and he is clearly new to bo2 considering he thinks mms on a fal was wall hacks and u can go watch my previous games id assume and u can see I was playing and im just naturally good with my controller since ive been playing since 2012

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

I personally banned you after witnessing you blatently cheat and capturing evidence of such cheats. Unfortunately due to some issues with my PC, I had to use a really crappy screen recording software, but after being made aware that you were acting suspiciously, I followed you around on our server before you left and went to another BO2 related server, capturing evidence of your cheats and banning you and your friends who were also cheating during the matches too.

In this first clip, you cannot claim that the MMS is what gave the players position away, as you “raced” your teammate straight to the position and ADS’d while aiming right at them through a wall. This video was what spiked my attention. For note, this is NOT my recording or voice, this was given to me by a player who had reported you.

This video is what I got after following you. Near the end (22 seconds) you can see me quickly tab to the CODcaster view (which has a built in VSAT) and you can see the enemy going onto the outer side of the boat, however they have not engaged you or anyone else as your last teammate alive is in the same room as you and was shooting the person you were also engaged again. You then run out of the door and perfectly trace the last player through a wall. You can’t claim you were “lucky” because the one and only wallbang you perform (30 seconds) was a perfect shot, you then quickscoped once more as you traced the player leaving that outer side.

During both your time on NamelessNoobs and the other servers, you also advertised your own special discord (which I will not link or mention due to advertisement rules) and on that discord and in calls, you spoke with other players in regards to cheats, including one player who admitted to having a mod menu (J) and your vocal comments regarding cheats. This evidence I cannot share though as it contains details about your Discord and some other details that would not be fair to upload to public view.

Because of this evidence in the two videos above (plus a longer video that isn’t uploading, but will be sent to the owner so they can review it), your ban will stay, including that of your friends who may also try to appeal.

//Ban Appeal Denied

//Thread Locked