Ban Appeal fellair

In-Game Name:

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:
July 11th, 2018;

Admin That Banned You:

Any Comments You May Have:
I have NEVER used any cheating/hacknig software in COD4 and I believe that I was banned unjustly. While I understand that my consistently decent/good/very good score may inspire suspicions, I have been playing past year (or more) pretty much on two servers alone: both feature only one map: Broadcast (the other one is [=DW=] Broadcast). I know it by heart. I don’t know the process that the admins went through in order to support the claim about me hacking. But: I hope that you might spend a little more time, if possible, reviewing my case so that my name could be cleared. Thank you for your attention.

Upon further investigation of your ban, although suspicious, the evidence provided has been deemed inconclusive.

Therefore your ban has been lifted.