Ban appeal for Bloberta

I’ve learned my lesson I just want to play WAW its the best multiplayer for Cod and NamelessNoobs is the only server that has players

You need to make a proper ban appeal for this to be considered. But IMO the time to “learn your lesson” was the previous temp bans for being racist.

Like are we treating this platform as a ‘super serious’ you have to do the right means to appeal a ban like its some fucking form at a government office??

Okay, why I was banned?

using the N word.

Why I should be unbanned?

Using the N word isn’t really that bad as long as you are not calling someone a mean name and in terms of my shit I was only saying it because

Lets wind the clock back a year. No one would ever get banned from saying the N word.

What happened did your balls drop off?

And as I said before actually calling someone an n word and just saying the n word is vert different.

Since you can’t follow simple rules. Enjoy your ban.