Ban Appeal for my group

Our group was banned on 7/15/2019 at 9:55 pm est. Our group started as 8 and the group consisted of Big L, Grandmaster Jay, Creed, GenerallyAverage, L34h, IKeepsItOnMe, Russle, N0mad. That was our starting 8, however on of our buddies came back from work and GenerallyAverage was inactive and only got on a handful of times. We kicked GenrallyAverge while I was also inactive for a week. Bacon told us the process and we followed the process. We wiped tcs but we didnt wipe all the doors (we have a lot) and he was only kicked recently. Hopefully this can get resolved we put a lot of time in this server and hope to stay.

This thread does not follow the proper ban appeal and is being locked. One of your group has already appealed aswell, please check the link below: