Ban Appeal for Wear Heelies to Escape Feelies

Hi, I’m not really sure how to even start this. I was just perma-banned probably not 10 minutes ago from a MW TDM Server for cheating, but I’m not really sure why. I was only in the server with one other person I cant remember the name of and the rest were bots, I was using an MP5SD, map was shipment, and honestly I wasnt even doing that great. I’ve never used a cheat client in my life, never saw the fun in it.

Id like to get this ban appealed because there are limited servers in Modern Warfare and the Namelessnoobs servers are one of my two go-to’s. I dont really have any screenshots or video evidence in my favor as I didn’t connect today thinking I would need it.

You’re unbanned already!

Holy cow that was fast, might I ask what caused it in the first place?

Was a false positive on our end.

Well I appreciate the speedy response, thank you

No worries. Glade to hear you enjoy our servers.