Ban Appeal Form from CCarpintero

Ban Appeal Form from CCarpintero

In-Game name:

Response: CCarpintero

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 6/6/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown (MW2)

Why should we unban you:


Google translator:
I am surprised because I am new and I don’t play like a pro.
I don’t even know how to cheat and I’m not interested

Estoy sorprendido debido a que soy nuevo y no juego como un pro.
Ni siquiera se como hacer trampa y no me interesa

If you can supply a demo either on here or through discord of the game you were banned in then we can review it. You were caught by our anti-cheat so unless we can see proof that you weren’t cheating you’ll stay banned.

I can’t record the screen.
But I can send any catch they need

Hello there!

Your IW4X should record demo’s as by default (unless it has been turned off) so if you can send us your demo we should be able to go onwards from there :slight_smile:

Would it be okay to send these files?
Or send only the last one where they banned me

File captures:

Any recordings you have on NN servers send them in please

In a .rar are the last

Thank you for uploading these. We will try to get around to watching them soon and we appreciate your cooperation.

It can be seen?

I apologise for the wait as it seems therre was some communication issues between the team at the time and noone got back to you.

You will be unbanned in a few minutes and will be free to join the servers again, but I would advise checking your available connection as it seems you had some lag issues throughout, so it’s better to check just in case.

//Appeal Accepted
//Thread Locked