Ban Appeal FRiends467

So did i say the n word yes but do i regret it yes. I wanted to appeal the ban due to the fact that the previous ban was not me and i did not even know i got tempbanned. I apologize for any past n words/calling people black.

Why couldn’t you learn from your first tempban? We don’t really wanna have to babysit kids like you every time you join. And looking at your chat history its clear you join just to spam toxic stuff and racist garbage.

i just said i did not even know i was banned the first time

Thats because you changed guids or ips or whatever but it shows me tempbanning you for a day on one of your accounts, although it shows the chat you were first banned for on the other.

Yes i know that now

So you try to ban evade and fail, then you claim the original ban you were evading wasn’t you?

Ban evade and fail what are you talking about. I was modifying the pluto client unless you are talking about FRiends468 that’s another person. I did joke with a mod about that but it was nothing serious.

That’s interesting because you guys share GUIDs, IPs, and aliases. You guys must be pretty close to share so much with each other. You guys share birth certificates too?

Dude i don’t know what your talking about unless its FRiends468 (my friend) or my other pc

There is no FRiends468. Only FRiends467 and FRiends469, both of which are you.

FRiends469 is my other pc so yes you are correct then.

Okay then i checked that’s my other pc but i was not ban evading isn’t it ip based and guid based anyways???

“I wanted to appeal the ban due to the fact that the previous ban was not me”

So you tried to appeal your ban by lying to us.

and i never claimed it was not me

i thought it was i guess im just autistic lmao

whatever it was worth a try

Turns out it was me on my other pc and im just retarded

I just quoted you saying “it wasn’t me”, now you’re saying you never said that?

welp we figured it out

Fuck you niggers im cheating in your server and yall cant ban me