Ban Appeal from arnst

What is your in-game username?


What date were you banned?


Which platform were you banned on?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (T6)

What was the reason for the ban?

Ping too high

Why do you believe the ban was unjustified? Please provide any relevant evidence that supports your appeal.

I would like to be unbanned due to the fact I can not control how high my ping. I live in OCE and there are no other servers to connect to that are populated that are located in OCE. If there is a possible way I can be whitelisted to be play on your servers that would be greatly appreciated. If you can not do that due to the automated system you have set in place I completely understand.

Unfortunately we don’t whitelist for ping. The kicking feature is to protect the majority of our player base from laggy players. I will allow management to comment further. But at this time, your whitelist request is denied.

If you could let me know what proper channels I can contact about getting a whitelist if this thread doesn’t get anymore traction that would be great.

Sorry we do not whitelist for ping.