Ban Appeal from charlescrone99

What is your in-game username?

Death We Seek

What date were you banned?


Which platform were you banned on?

Call of Duty: Black Ops (T5)

What was the reason for the ban?

for no reason.

Why do you believe the ban was unjustified? Please provide any relevant evidence that supports your appeal.

This ban is totally unjustified because i have had plutonium for maybe 1 hour. played 1 map on some bot server and then i try join namelessnoob server and i get kicked as soon as i join it “Appears to be cheating”.

This is a new pc i just bought and had just set it up. I had no program running that could trigger ant AC becasue like i said, its completely new. please unban

Yeah, you are not getting unbanned, multiple guids, and the same ip as the account that got banned a year ago. Buying a PC off eBay is a new one lol. You tried connecting 12 days ago with the under the name Currents, so you just getting plutonium is BS.