Ban Appeal from fuctnate

New Ban Appeal from, fuctnate

In-Game name:

Response: FuctNate

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8/5/2023


Response: NamelessNoobs Stock Maps [EU]

Why should we unban you:


i literally wasnt cheating we just traded hits i dont even kno how that got me banned maybe its like the ping being 137 but otherwise i dont even kno i was just runnin ksg and popped a fat killstreak and then i shoot bro who been sniping a spot for ever and then im banned for cheating XD

plz help cuz i just be playing whatever i can for fun dawgggggg i play on any server at any time cuz i go for playerbase and an active server

Hello, do you have the demo file of the game you got banned?

what is a demo file


These are files that are automatically generated by the Plutonium game, usually for using in Theatre Mode. These files can be uploaded and other players are able to view the entirety of the match from your point of view. These files will be located in: %localappdata\Plutonium\storage\iw5\demo (usually your Local AppData folder can be found at C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\iw5\demo, but note that AppData is a hidden folder by default on most Windows PCs).

Your ban occurred at 2023-08-05 19:30:57 UTC, so you will need to convert this time to your local timezone and then you can find the file on your PC that occurred around this time. It will likely be the last larger file around this time period, as I see you tried to rejoin shortly after the ban and this would generate a small file.

Please upload this file here, or to a file upload website of your choice (ex. Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, etc). Once our team is able to verify it’s the correct file we can view it and provide an update.

Kind Regards,