Ban Appeal from Gameplaybooster

New Ban Appeal from, Gameplaybooster

In-Game name:

Response: i think its doomed mf or insaneSpielee

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/18/2023


Response: NamelessNoobs 24/7 Nuketown

Why should we unban you:


i just created my account to play for the first time in my brothers pc and i don’t have one, he showed me earlier a clip of him aimbotting and im not even sure in how many servers he did this, but he is banned in almost all the us servers, now im trying to play since is the same ping i can’t (keep in mind i have 2 brothers and they both play in the same room same wifi and everything so im not really sure wich of them was) and only high ping servers are available bc they are european, idk how but he managed to get banned in all of your servers bc i tried them all, would appreciate if u unban me (also he is minor he never played the golden bo2 era like i did) thank you, also my account have just veen created its called Gameplaybooster, i will go play in the servers i can until i get a response, also they say they din’t remember the ban date so i really don’t know

Hello Gameplaybooster,

Your ban appeal is denied. It was a nice story that we’ve heard many times before.

Kind Regards,