Ban appeal from Gimme

In-Game name:


Date and approximate time of banning:

5/8/2020 no clue what time but i logged on at about 1:27 pm

On what server you got banned:

Nameless Noobs 2x
Why should we unban you:
Because i was playing all fine yesterday and last month and i havent been unbanned, i know it was an auto ban but i was reported also for something i didnt do by a player named Zero. after my team mate killed him and his friend with compound bows and i proceeded to be the only one to talk in proximity chat

Nice try my dude. Youve got 2 accounts youve played on our servers with. Your eeeeemagine account has a fp gban dated april 25th of this year. Same ip as your current account. See attached images.

Ban remains in effect. Word to the wise, stop fucking cheating.

Fp gameban

i have an email from EAC saying that they would like to remove my game ban but they cannot because they realise, i mean idk what my VACs have anything to do with but ok

Correct. I just edited the main text. The vac has nothing to do with it.


and thanks for posting my ip earlier, glad i know now u dont give a shit <3

Appeal denied, user caught cheating.

//Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked (and moved for Cleanup)