Ban Appeal from Goatkid

New Ban Appeal from, Goatkid

In-Game name:

Response: Woody

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/22/2023


Response: NN 2x Monthly

Why should we unban you:


Well for one I am a little confused about why I got banned, you can script-check my whole team, and look through our computers nobody is cheating scripting doing anything.

Hi there, thanks for appealing.

You and a few other members of the team you were on have been temp banned for 30 days due to a player (Veronica) being connected directly with a player who has been Gamebanned from Rust. To prevent cheaters, ban evasions or an unfair situation on the server, we remove the team members for 30 days to ensure the remainder of the wipe is fair for all players on the server.

You are welcome to rejoin after 30 days and we stress highly about playing with a team you can truly trust, just incase someone else causes issues like this again.

Sorry about that.


//Appeal Closed