Ban Appeal from ImSidi

New Ban Appeal from, ImSidi

In-Game name:

Response: sidi

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/3/2023 5:11 PM CST


Response: NamelessNoobs Best Maps

Why should we unban you:


I just randomly got banned with no warnings or indications from anybody, and I’m not sure why either. We were just playing Killhouse and I was about to call in a killstreak, but as soon as I hit the key for it, I got banned (Rule #9). I’m not sure why I was banned, because I’m not cheating at all, and nobody seemed to think I was at the time either.


Thank you for submitting a ban appeal.

Can you please upload TWO demos from the game you were banned, as well as the game before, so that it can be reviewed as part of your ban appeal? The following process can be used to find your demo recording and upload it:

  • Convert the time of your ban (2023-02-03 23:09:56 UTC) to your local timezone.
  • Navigate to the folder location where demos are stored in your MW2 folder. They can found in your MW2 installation directory inside the userraw/demos folder.
  • Search through these files to find the .dm_13 file which is just before or after the time of your ban. This should be the demo recording of that particular game. There will also be a .dm_13.json file with the exact same name that contains information about the recording. You can optionally include this as well, but it is not necessary.

You can either upload these using popular file sharing websites such as Google Drive, MEGA, or Dropbox and then share a link, or you use the forums’ built-in attachment uploader to upload your file here.

Once you have uploaded these file we will review and get back to you.

Thank you in advance.



Thank you for your timely response Joel. These are what I believe to be the two demos before and during the ban. The first game should be on Crash, and the second one on Killhouse if I recall correctly.
auto_1675465064.dm_13 (1.41 MB)
auto_1675465637.dm_13 (431 KB)

Thank you for submitting these. You have been unbanned.