Ban Appeal from [ITA]elmacigno88

In-Game Name: [ITA]elmacigno88

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Tuesday 7 July 20:09 utc

Admin That Banned You: system/rcon (?)

Any Comments You May Have: hello everyone I say that I use google translator because I’m a goat in English, so I was banned for the rule number no racist sentences, now, I’m not at all racist is my only sentence that I think has been misunderstood is "I don’t understand why black people can call themselves niggers, and white people can’t, it’s racist "now if the message that i’m a racist has passed i think it’s a big mistake, i’m not racist at all and i’m definitely sorry for the situation , I don’t hate anyone, I just wanted to express my personal opinion, a thought, never had anything against anyone, also because above all we Italians are full of stereotypes abroad. Italian = pizza, spaghetti, mandolin, mafia, berlusconi :smiley: . so I’m the first not to have to be racist towards other people LOL I’m sorry for what I’m not all here

: D

P.S. there was a user with the nik —>: p <---- who entered the game giving all of the niggers, and one of your users reproached her rightly, could there have been an exchange of person by mistake?

Your quote was a little inaccurate. What you actually said was “i don’t understan ni–er can say ni–er and white no, is raccist”.
The 1 day temp ban was an automatic ban for the use of the word “nigger”.

Since the context isn’t really racist, I have unbanned you this time, but next time you will have to wait out the ban.

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