Ban Appeal from JIT

New Ban Appeal from, JIT

In-Game name:

Response: JIT

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: not sure


Response: NN 2x Monthly

Why should we unban you:


Because my account was hacked and when I made a new one I was banned from all your servers.

Thank you for your ban appeal. But we do not allow and player with past game banned accounts back onto our servers. I understand that your account might have gotten hacked but we are still unable to unban you from our servers.

but i dont have gameban

You have a game banned on this account 76561199231382671

that is the account i no longer have access to. that is the one that was hacked.

How do we know you were actually hacked? What if you just got banned on that account and then made a new one to try to get around your game ban? If it’s your account, then it is your responsibility to ensure that it is properly secured.

I’m sorry if you were actually hacked, but I hope you realize that this isn’t exactly a convincing ban appeal. Someone claiming that they were hacked when they’re actually just trying to ban evade is a very common excuse, up there with “my brother did it”.

Yes, i understand my appeal doesnt look very trust worthy. Is there any way i can show that i am not a cheater?