Ban Appeal from lince117

What is your in-game username?


What date were you banned?


Which platform were you banned on?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (IW5)

What was the reason for the ban?

I was banned supposedly for cheating, but I think I was banned because I was playing with cheaters.

Why do you believe the ban was unjustified? Please provide any relevant evidence that supports your appeal.

I think it was because on the team where I was there was a hacker and he was cheating and even in the comments of the game, it appeared that such a player:he is using hack and he was banned and I was on his team, and the other is that I’ve been playing for months since last year and I haven’t had any problems.the only option I use to unlock weapons is the option that comes with plutonium to unlock everything.the rest I’m not interested in cheating, I don’t like easy, but rather difficult.thanks

You were banned for cheating by our anti cheat system.

You will not be unbanned.