Ban appeal from Marco007xD

hi, i’m Marco007xD, i was ban wrongfully
it happened about 3 days ago, i was playing mw3 online, map: lockdown, on sever namlessnoobs24/7.
i was in the middle of the map, upstairs in the hall way close to the boxes, shooting through the window at another guy who standing in the window of the other apartment from me. next thing i know i was banned, i’d like to be unbanned please because i do not hack, and i don’t even know how to, this sever is the only normal like sever i could find, i always play here, please help.
i have a simple clase, blind eye and portable radar, a ACR assualt rifle with a grenade launcher attactment, and a fast shotter p990, i also take out choppers all the time, i really miss the game, olease help

post your demo.

Or find the game in your theater mode,record it and post it so you have atleast some proof.

Admin that banned you has 24 hours to post proof if no proof is provided you will be unbanned.

EDIT: talked to the admin and he had no proof so you’re unbanned.