Ban Appeal from pheinox

New Ban Appeal from, pheinox

In-Game name:

Response: p3n1s

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/8/2023


Response: NN 2x Monthly

Why should we unban you:


it says i was kbanned by anticheat. i was stuck in a train and got shot at so i shot back because they hit me. so i was shooting back


You trigger out internal anti-cheat system and also you have game banned alt account which are clearly stated in our rules which are not allowed. Your team also banned for 30 days.

yes, will i be unbanned in that 30 days?

Your ban is permanent since we do not allow people with game banned alts.

Why is my team banned? they didnt do anything

Team is banned because of you.

they had no knowledge of any of that, ive told them its just because of the glitch