Ban Appeal from Riley2110

New Ban Appeal from, Riley2110

In-Game name:

Response: GoldenArm

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/5/23


Response: NamelessNoobs S&D

Why should we unban you:


Apparently I get banned for asking what a “shitwely” is after another player tells alleged “shitwely” to lick his/her balls. Not sure what people use for pronouns so I don’t want to offend anyone. Nice Work admins.

C’mon guys, can I get an unban before my kid gets home from ball practice. I told him he could play on the noobs server if he went.

You’ll be unbanned tomorrow, sorry Riley.

Can I file a grievance with the union? Is there someone that can check into the bylaws?

Yes, $20 should do it. =P

Ok, I’m willing to do that but I need verification of what the actual infraction was so I can properly fill out my end of the report. Is posing a question an attack on another player or admin? These are pertinent facts. Maybe I’d have better luck with…

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