Ban Appeal from SilverAim.M0t0

Mr. admin Fade , can u tell me why you denied my appeal for unban ? (SilverAim.M0t0)
I think your behavior is inappropriate due to a normal person without hacks. Please consider your answer , Thank you .

The reason he banned you is because you said you hacked in single-player. You might not have hacked in multiplayer, but you still hacked in-game. He is also a global moderator, way higher rank than admin, his behavior isn’t inappropriate, YOU are the one with inappropriate behavior, why do you need to hack in-game anyways?

Hi, i have no idea what u dont understand , the reason why im hacking in single player games is that i have already played them throught many times , its only for to “kill” some time . Main difference between single and multi player game is that - im playing with real players not with computer . This is the reason why im not cheating in multipalyer games , so i think that "global moderator " is on wrong way to understand simple thing . Reason why im not satisfied with his answer is that , i like your severs especially Broadcast one , because is my the most favourite map in cod4 . Thats all what i need to say, if you think that some little unskilled kid can report all players above him and be happy to see they are banned for no reason , thats is inappropriate from your side and his . There are hundreds servers where i can play , but its shame to ban CLEAR high skill player who loves servers of yours . Thanks

stop back seat moderating.

Fade’s rank has nothing to do with this. And he isn’t appropriate. A ban appeal requires a explanation of why they were banned. Fade didn’t give a reason why, and M0to wanted one hence why he made another one. Miscommunication is all.

The owner of the server banned you, and I’m sure he has a good reason for it. There was no SS of the ban, therefore I don’t have an explanation myself.

You will have to wait for him to explain why you were banned.

Be patient.


Reason why i was banned is simple . Just others players( kids propably) were unsatisfied with playing against me . I admit it that sometimes i rage a lot when i have bad score in game , but this is not a reason to use report commands against me . I think that shooting throught walls when u have UAV on and u can see where enemies are is normal aspect of game its not wallhacking for the first and when i have better skills to react faster then my enemies that doesnt make me Aimboter , for the second . Many players have BIG missunderstanding what is hacking or what is not. I was wrongfully attacked and banned for no reason … i wrote understandable reason and im waiting to be rightfully unbanned , thanks for reading .

Spamming and making multiple bans appeals doesn’t fix anything. Remember one thing its a privilege to play on these servers not a right.