BAN APPEAL from St.crash

in-game name : St.crash
i have been permanently banned from namelessnoobs lockdown server today ( 26-03-2016) at (18.30-19h) by the admin ovXO

hello dear friend ovXO … u have banned me permanently today … i ask ur forgivness and i sak u to please remove the ban because the nameless noobs server is the only server i play on cz is the only one in which i find good ping so please remove the ban !! waiting for ur answer … thank u

That you are asked to Deadweight and presenting evidence, your ban was to get pave low with 3 kills and as the assault I saw you that you killed all the time I have video if you deny it to me and as they can give you a 2 chance for having courage to come to appeal your ban

no man i’m not denying anything i hacked the killstreaks i’m asking forgivness that’s all mate … please , i don’t have any server to play on !!
i will cancel the hack … i’m not new in the server i’m playing abt 4 months now i was playing with the name “Houssame96” !! i cant play in any other server so please my friend just cancel the ban

still waiting for a decision … for an answer !! cmooon man why so serious ??

3 Week Ban should of though of the consequences before you hacked!