Ban Appeal from TheKiDdi3THC

What is your in-game username?


What date were you banned?


Which platform were you banned on?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (T6)

What was the reason for the ban?


Why do you believe the ban was unjustified? Please provide any relevant evidence that supports your appeal.

I think the anti-cheat flagged me has a cheater because when I switch gun for a Scar-h I have killed 4 people in a row people to fast and I was banned.

User appealed to MW2 when they were banned on BO2. I’ve moved the appeal to the correct category.

I was ban on mw2 and after i decided to play on nameless noobs on BO2 but I was kick because I belive the ban transfert to other COD servers.

Bans transfer to all our servers. If you are banned on MW2 you get banned on any game. But on that note if you were banned on MW2 can we please get your demos of the game you were banned?

My Bad Joel was right I was a bit confuse I was ban on BO2. I played the same day on MW2 so that why I mixed up the game sorry for wasting your time I will make a new thread with the right ban apeal this time.

I have reviewed your ban and you were banned by our anticheat. Our anticheat is rarely wrong but its not impossible. So I checked the demo from the game you were banned and your ban appeal is denied.