Ban Appeal from TheWildCard

New Ban Appeal from, TheWildCard

In-Game name:

Response: TheWildCard

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/6/2023


Response: NamelessNoobs Free for All

Why should we unban you:


I wasn’t cheating and i have never cheated on the servers. I was just playing the free for all and got banned out of nowhere while shooting behind someone because they spawned me behind them. It was on the nuketown map. I do not use a VPN either. I have no recording of it, I wasn’t recording just trying to play the game. I don’t know what would of caused this

Client is permanently banned –

is the reason it says in the discord I have no clue what that means. I was joining through plutonium.

Correction i was banned for reason. You appear to be cheating but I was doing nothing during that game that was cheating. I was just running around with a ppbizon. Is there any way I could speak to staff?

Sorry for the wait, after looking into it, seems it was a false positive on our end. you should be good to play again!