Ban Appeal from WAYNE

New Ban Appeal from, WAYNE

In-Game name:

Response: crossfier

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/21/2023


Response: NamelessNoobs 24/7 Crossfire

Why should we unban you:


i am 62 years old i have never did any hack in my life , besides i do not even have a clue to make or do a hack if i have upset some one with the way i play the game iam sorry. My game name is O-MY.


Thank you for submitting a ban appeal.

For the last several days you have been spamming the following message repeatedly on the in-game chat: “Play for FUN, game is for FUN. Download AIMBOT for FREE and play for FUN. Joder Rusia”

Why are you spamming this?

Kind Regards,


i have know i dea what that memes,i do not know how i wood be doing that un les i an pushing some keys on my ke borad worng when plaing the game. I have never had any thing like this befor.This all started when i updated to the new patch for cod4 . i do not no what joder rusia is or how , i wouid appreciate if you can help me in any way to get red of this message i wouid appreciate it . Or do i have a virus on my pc ? Thank you for getting back to me on this . ps sorry fo my bad spelling and grammar . Wayne

hi i was just plaing anothe game and i now notice that this message keep appearing in my chat iam not putting it in help how do i mke it quite or make it go away ( P**lay for FUN, game is for FUN. Download AIMBOT for FREE and play for FUN. Joder Rusia" )**

Hey Wayne!

You might have a program on your PC that is spamming this. I would definitely run some anti-virus / anti-malware and have someone look at your PC. Otherwise you inadvertently installed a hacking program. (AIMBOT) - Please uninstall.

Until you have this fixed. Your ban will stay. Feel free to appeal when the requested tasks are complete.

Appeal Denied

We do not supply I.T. services, so you may want to try to rely on a friend or family member with computer knowledge.

// Thread Locked / Moved //

Thank you,