Ban appeal futurecat96

in game name: futurecat96

Server name: nameless noobs tdm

Approximate date banned: 9/25/2020

Reason I am appealing:
Hello! I just started using IW4X last night and have been loving it so far. I was mid game and was banned for “appeared to be cheating” I dont even know how to fully use the game let alone put cheats into it. I can understand mistakes happen and I hope this could get resolved. Im just trying to relive the nostalgia of the glory days of COD.

Whats up, I’m sorry this happened to you if you truly were not modding. An admin will get in touch with you at some point today I assume and will try to resolve the issue if there is one. Good Luck futurecat96

We don’t have a server called “nameless noobs TDM” on mw2 but we do on bo2. Honestly if you meant stock maps then it’s whatever. So the one metric measured by the anti-cheat that is never wrong because it can’t be affected by fps drops, latency, or any other bs is your recoil. And it just so happens that’s what you were banned for. Hopefully you learned your lesson from this.

Wrong Server //