Ban Appeal gamestackers

Ban Appeal Form from gamestackers

In-Game name:


Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 6/11/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Maps

Why should we unban you:

Response: I have been a player on this game since 2009. Since I knew how to do elevators, I decided to give it a try to see if they still worked. I have now learned the hard way that it is not allowed on your servers. So I got banned by your admin: Kyoko Iwase.
I would like if you please UN-BAN me from your NN servers so I can continue to play normal. I WILL PROMISE, THAT FROM NOW ON! - I WILL NEVER DO AN ELEVATOR AGAIN IN YOUR SERVERS. Thanks!

Should’ve listened the last like 6 temp bans.

Hi there and thanks for the appeal.

Evidence was provided to myself from the banning admin, however after doing some background checks on your profile, you were already previously warned AND tempbanned for the exact same offence (please see image below). I may understand it was a while back, but you are aware of the punishment that has been handed to you.

Because of this, I will leave it to be judged by the other staff from that specific team, as I trust their judgement on this issue.

Rules are Rules, you broke it, got warned and still continued so…

You kept going even after we told you numerous times to stop. TB’s were also applied. Sorry mang

I have only been banned 1 Temporarily Ban 1 time when I first started playing this game, I did not knew at the time your servers did not allowed it. I have witnessed so many people hacking since then and they don’t get banned cause apparently everyone reports them and no one believes you since there are so many reports!.. And I just do a glitch that has been in the game since the beginning of it all and all of the sudden I am the bad guy. Infinity Ward should have fixed it long ago. And like I said… I am really going to give you my PROMISE that I WILL NEVER DO AN ELEVATOR AGAIN in your servers. If you catch me one more time, I give you permision to BAN me FOREVER! Can you please accept my apologies? THANKS!

Hi, as you can see to the left, I’m not an MW2 Admin so I don’t really have any say in your future of playing in our mw2 servers.
But please do not blame anyone/anything other than yourself because you knew what you were doing when you were elevator glitching.

I’ve done some digging and found that you have a long history of elevator glitching (at least in our MW2 servers.)

Here, you have been warned for glitching and proceeded to do it, which led to you being tempbanned. As you can see, the staff member also noted that if you were caught again, it would be permanent.

In this case, you’re arguing with a staff member who repeatedly told you to stop glitching.

You were then kicked, kicked again, then tempbanned for not following directions even after saying you won’t go out anymore.

You had also been reported for glitching even after being tempbanned twice.

You were checking if there were any admins online so you wouldn’t get caught once more for glitching. You also changed your name to “MIAMISURFER” (to avoid getting recognized?)

You were then reported for cheating (probably because you were glitching) then tempbanned for a third time.

You were getting reported even more for continously glitching even after being tempbanned 3 times. (You also false reported Noobtube.)

Even more reports.

So please, don’t make any excuses saying that there are people who are hacking and getting away with it, or that Infinity Ward needs to fix their bug, or whatever story you’re trying to stir up.

It is funny how you picked the worst chats I ever had and posted it here. First of all, that day I was not checking for admins to glitch so you got that wrong… I was mad about a hacker and I decided to give him some of his own medicine by using the glitch but he had an Aimbot and a Wall Hack so which is worst! Now Longus Bodongus is my friend so I was just showing him some stuff he even told everyone to throw me a granade. And at the time I did not knew Who AUSSIE was, I did not even realized at the time that He was an admin warning me, I thought it was another player complaining like they always do with everything. And I did not change my name to cover my glitching… I have used my MIAMISURFER name since I played on XBOX 360. I changed to GAME STACKERS cause I created a new YOUTUBE channel and simply wanted to change my name for that reason alone.

//Ban Appeal Denied.