Ban Appeal Ghost312

Ban Appeal Form from Ghost312

In-Game name:

Response: Ghost

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 12/1/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: Hello, I have been banned for an alleged wallhack, and I must say that I do not use any type of hack, and it seems unfair that they ban me, when all kinds of hackers enter their servers daily, with wallhack, aimbot and others, and nobody says anything, they just say they are good players and that’s it.

I await your reply soon.

I am not the one who banned you, but a few days ago one of our regulars sent us this clip

And its pretty obvious you’re using some kind of wallhack. You trace the “YOU” perfectly through 2 walls and you start shooting before he’s even visible to you, and it clearly isn’t prefire. Your mouse placement is so awkward that it’s obvious you have no idea how to even attempt to hide it.

This isn’t even the clip you were banned for, you were banned today by an admin who also saw you wallhacking. I can ask him for his demo if you’d like to see more evidence of you cheating.

The tone of your appeal makes it sound like you think a lot of our players cheat, so you thought you could get away with it like they do. Now you were caught you feel its unfair since we still allow the other “cheaters” to play on our server, even though there’s no evidence of them cheating.

Your forum signature aligns with this too, guess who sent us that clip?

Are you noticing that the user who recorded the clip automatically flips over to shoot us both?

Also, I had evidence from other hackers who overlook their large client that reveals them, but having a low-end pc makes it difficult for me to record.

And with pleasure I would like to see that demo in which they saw me wallhack.

He has not been online yet, why don’t you do make this easier and send us your demos? Go to your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3\main\demo folder and send us your .demo files. Since you are not a cheater you should have nothing to worry about.

Also why don’t you address the video of you wallhacking? Your only response to you clearly tracing someone is “look he’s wallhacking too he switched between aiming at me and my teammate.”

I didn’t say anything about the clip because I honestly had nothing to say. I knew he would be there because he killed my partner. And speaking of the demos, where were they sent? By this means can you?

Excuse me but you’re also not mentioning that the player in the clip automatically shot me and my partner without even shooting him, in fact we just spawned.

And so he did with other players, as can be seen in the clip.

Please reply, I want to fix this quickly … Is there a way for us to communicate faster? Can we speak for Discord ??

I will update this with another video from another player when I get home later tonight.

The demos are found in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3/main/demo. Send us all of your .demo files.

Since I couldn’t find an option to send you the demos, I uploaded them to mega, here they are:

Why is the demo of the game you were banned or any time near that day conveniently missing? And the closest demo to your ban is 2 days after you were banned, yet you somehow have demos from 2012 of players named w4rkr4f7, retarded n00b!, and iMortaluz, even though you’ve connected to our server 156 times in the last 4 weeks? It’s also strange that you tried reconnecting after you were banned using the name of the player who uploaded the clip above.

You still haven’t explained the awkward tracing in that clip. Saying “he shot my teammate” doesn’t really explain how you traced him from left to right, then right to left through 2 walls, with some of the most awkward mouse placement of all time.

If you’re not walling then why are you even aiming here for so long? Enemies are not going to come out of that bookshelf, there is zero reason to “preaim” a spot like this for so long, all while leaving yourself exposed to the areas where enemies can actually come from to your right. And its just a coincidence you followed the “YOU” so well while doing this?

You also didn’t explain how you knew to start shooting before he was even visible while he had specialist too. Here is the moment you started shooting at him.

Here is what I’m talking about in motion. Just look at how perfectly you’re following the “YOU” towards the end there.

Now here is the other clip

Again reacting to the “YOU” even though he has dead silence/assassin, and once the “YOU” is visible you awkwardly move towards him and start prefiring through the wall instead of turning to or aiming at the doorway - the place where players can actually enter

Do you see why people think you are walling now? That may explain why you’ve been reported multiple times

Oh and here’s the best part, one of the times you were reported your “ownd” hack sent it’s automated message. I guess you ownd yourself by forgetting to disable that feature. You’re not the first idiot to expose themselves with that cheat’s chat spam.

There are some demos that came with the installation of the game, also having a low-end PC I looked for a file optimized to play better, I guess this had this option disabled, a few days ago they told me how to record demos and I activated the option.

In the first clip I stayed in that part because I knew that if I ran he would follow me and finish me off, because this is what happens when we have an encounter in games. And if you look a little better I did not draw the “YOU” perfectly, neither in this nor in the other clip. I fired because as I said before, I knew he was there and I assumed that he would go out there, that I would kill him is a coincidence.

In the second clip I remember we had a UAV on top, and this user had no PERK that could hide it, so I could kill the one on the other side and him. Nor does it seem strange that without having any UAV and for no apparent reason, this user went straight to kill me without even knowing I was there?

Now, as you know, these kinds of hacks cost money, and I would never spend my money on these things. I have better things to do with it, other than that are outrageously expensive.

And with respect to those who have reported me, I know Danny, he lives complaining about everything, since he thinks he is an excellent player, and to be one he lacks a lot.

Izayokk I have no idea who it is, much less why he reported an alleged aimbot to me.

And I’m not stupid to self-report, as I told you I don’t have any hacks, and these cost money.

Stop deflecting by claiming the people you are walling are walling themselves. You did not follow the “YOU” perfectly the entire time because your aim is garbage, you still followed his movements to the best of your limited abilities.

Your UAV excuse does not work when the player has assassin so maybe try a different lie.

I forgot to include the most important pic in my last post so here it is
One of the times you were reported your cheat sent one of its automated messages, might want to disable that if you don’t want to advertise you’re cheating to the whole server. Just about every tekno regular has seen the “ownd” hack at some point. Anyways thank you for exposing yourself, you are not getting unbanned.

Ban appeal denied.