Ban Appeal GSmash13

Ban Appeal Form from GSmash13

In-Game name:

Response: GSmah13

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/26/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown

Why should we unban you:

Response: Hi, I was banned while in your empty MW2 Nuketown server with my brother and we were boosting for the nuke emblem. I apologize, I would not do this on a full server nor will I do it again on an empty server. I really enjoy the NamelessNoobs Servers and would appreciate a reconsideration of this ban.

It appears you were banned for an anti-cheat detection and not because you were boosting so we’re going to need your demo files of the game you were banned in. Follow this screenshot and upload both the associated demo file and .json (go off of date created to find the correct one)


This is what I get when I try to move those files into the message box. also, when I browse through the website I can get all the way to demos then the demo folder is empty

Try using google drive or something. Or in full editor preview or whatever at the bottom there is an entire section for uploading attachments. If you turned demos/theater mode off in your settings then we can’t really do much for you though.

Make it public access please.

Would it be easier to review if I recorded the session myself and post it here?

Since you’ve already posted the demo we’ll look at it in a sec. Don’t worry about going through that unless you just really really really want to.

Alright, thanks for taking a look, please do let me know if the demo does not work as I can just record the game that I was banned In.

1st thing is that it’s not showing up in my theater list so yeah go ahead and send a recording.
2nd thing that just came up for me is my best friend want’s to tear down an engine he has on a slab so I’ll be out for the time being but will try to watch when possible. Other admins are away or sleeping but if one is also around they may watch it in the mean time so please be patient.

Ill get it sent right away

Here is the link to the video. The video does end abruptly and says lost connection to server. I am more than willing to send over my brothers footage. Lou Sanus is my brother.

We need the “.json” file aswell as the “.dm” file.

So if you are able to upload both as indicated in the screen shot below it would be helpful.

Hi Aussie, I did do that and Gingy said it wasn’t showing up in there theater list. Thats why I uploaded a video.

Here is the perspective of my brother. In this video you can clearly see that we were just boosting for the nuke emblem on the empty server like I said and in the bottom left it shows when I was banned.

so from what I’m thinking of what has happen is that when you 2 where boosting (even tho there is an “Unlock all” in barracks) is that the anti-cheat picked up the simultaneous headshots at your brothers account therefore thinking you where cheating

ill show this to the other admins and get there thoughts as well and get back to you ASAP


Thanks, Aussie. I appreciate you looking into this.

Hey there!

Had a talk with the admins and we agree with my statement provided. So with that we are happy to issue an unban.


Please let us know if you have any troubles joining