Ban Appeal halofast32

Ban Appeal Form from halofast32

In-Game name:

Response: halofast32

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8/16/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN TDM

Why should we unban you:

Response: help me i was banned by mistake
I was supposed to be cheating and I don’t know why
I’m actually too bad at playing sorry for my bad english

For your ban on Iw4x. You were banned by the anti-cheat for no recoil. This is one of those things that is never wrong so you won’t be getting unbanned for that.
The system we have has plutonium t5 and t6 along with iw4x linked. So a ban on any of these should carry across immediately but for whatever reason it took a while for you to be banned on bo2.

but I have never used cheats
I’m pretty bad at playing and it’s not the first server I’m banned from
the same thing happens to me in nexuscore

Could it be a problem with the ip?

Hi halofast32

I checked the (dynamic) IPs of your accounts that are in our system and they are all from Honduras which matches the country flag under your forum account.

I’m also assuming that you were using the name “HCH” when you were banned because you tried to connect to the server again 3 days after you were banned.

I know hch he is my cousin
He and a friend tried hacks on their servers but I have nothing to do with it.

This is very unfortunate to hear but we cannot allow any type of hackers back into the server, whether they were your cousin and his friend or not.

I understand but what do I have to do with them?
I never cheated
And now they are not banned and I am

However you go about it in real life is up to you but we cannot take any risks unbanning you for your family members’ mistakes

ok i’m using the translate and maybe you don’t understand what i want

I mean they are not banned, but I am

(just to clarify everyone plays on a different pc in different houses)

and I see totally unfair that I am banned when I did not cheat and they can continue playing quietly

Your account was banned for cheating and having an unfair advantage, your account was allowed access by either you cheating or your cousin. Regardless, your account is banned and will not be unbanned, if your cousin is playing on the server still, they won’t be for much longer.

I’m sorry, but the rules are the rules, we cannot unban caught cheaters to allow the safety and security of the servers.

//Ban Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked