Ban Appeal HenGGa

Ban Appeal Form: HenGGa

In-Game name:

Response: HenGGa

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: Today since i haven’t played at the time it says

On what server you got banned:

Response: Lockdown, i tryed to join to low ping one, EU server i suppose then since im from EU

Why should we unban you:
I launched my teknomw3 and tryed to join lockdown server nameless EU or the one with low ping for me. I didn’t even make it to loading screen and i got this message. I checked theater and i had zero games played that day. i had played on 28th and 25th day. I looked for this specific one but didint find it there but still got banned for it. How is it even possible? If someone i killed banned me be seeing right after.

Also just to throw it out there, this is my 5th ban. 1st one to nameless but if i’ve not lost count 4th for totalkillaz and they always unban me just because i dont have anything. Mods like Panos know me already. He was the 1st one to ban me and 1st one to unban me aswell. Not everyone who knows how to play are hackers.
Best regards: HenGGa, Finnish lad who’s been playing CoD’s since 2003

What is your IGN?, Also you can’t get banned if you didn’t play…

HenGGa is my name and it happened now again. I tryed to join lockdown Nameless EU and straight away this message again .

IGN means = In Game Name…what is the name that you normally use while playing the game?.
I did not BAN you by that name, state your IGN or stay banned. thanks

Ban appeal expired.