Ban appeal: hInD

First the formal:

In-Game Name: hInD

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: exact date 31.05.2016 & exact time 20:52 UTC

Admin That Banned You: 0vX0

Any Comments You May Have: Not at this moment, but I would like to read first all comments on uploaded SS, take a glance at reason given for permanent ban. My comments will be later on.

Sorry for the ban, I was wrong thinking it was kick.

Yeah, ban wasn’t the right thing to do, but hlnD you really need to stop taking the free slot on a non-stop full server. You spectate/afk too much :neutral_face:

Title changed, no need to bother st0rm with this. Please stop hogging the free slot.

I will unban when the servers come online

hInD when you get the unban please stop staying too long in spec. pls :smiley: :neutral_face: