Ban Appeal ImNiick1

Ban Appeal Form from ImNiick1

In-Game name:

Response: ImNick

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/19/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN NukeRaidedJacked Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: false allegations for “Silent aim”

Hello and thanks for the appeal.

The admin who banned you is currently uploading the evidence, albiet on a horrible connection. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Any chance I can get a copy of the clips?

Send a demo/clip from your own if you’re so confident you’re clean.

I don’t have any clips, I’m at college will a gaming laptop just trying to play some good old fashion Black ops 2.

Then do you mind trying to explain what can make your aim snap to another character in the span of a single frame? I’ll give you a hint: it’s external help.

Nah I will tell you its called a flick… Me hitting my shots 3-4 in a row in a 2v5 is realistic. If you do have the clips I did miss shots like a normal person, and when I died i had a tac near by so I knew where they were. Its not hard playing a game and being good. I’m sorry that the admin that was on last night sucked and I destroyed him. Sorry for last night when I was pist off and spamming chat. If I was hacking I wouldn’t give too shits about this server. The point is I wasn’t hacking and I play on this server alot and I enjoy playing BO2, it wont show bc Im at college now on a different computer.

Single frame and not a few frames. I know how fast a natural flick is or can be.

I guess not. Do you want too see my game files, There is no other client in there to help me play. Its all skill. I have thousands of hours on BO2 from Xbox 360. I know the game very well and was a legit prestige master on the 360 with Diamond snipers. I was filthy with the snipers and still am. I guess you don’t know the difference between a hacker and legit skill.

What part of not humanly possible do you not understand? It wasn’t all about me and what pushed me to ahead and ban you was the second kill in the killcam.

That clip?? Really when Anyone can hit that shot if you shot the back guy first then the guy that is pushing you. Lucky flick i guess but not enough evidence for a ban.

The only shots you’d hit would feel weird or look like that. It wasn’t just that one clip, so in my opinion the ban stays.

Well Im going to give you my optioning Kyoko lwase just jump across my screen when I’m scooping down mid. My reaction is to shot where he was going to land. Then Peek again because I know there is another guy there pushing up.

You straight up followed the chest hitbox upwards. This is all I have to say and I’ll let the final say go to Chryssi and the other admins.

Actually if you slow down the clip frame by frame at :05 seconds you will see I actually shot behind the man but the game is old and registered as a hit. Here is the screenshot Screenshot - c4d1a9d69840045da8cef17345e71057 - Gyazo I shot behind the man.

Showed my clip to my boy and he said “He had high ping and he is skipping all around.” How is that considered hacking? Its not my fault he has shitty connection.

[quote=Zom post_id=13882 time=1582238477 user_id=2251]
The sheer fact that you instantaneously snapped to the other dude makes me believe you are using external help. The shot on the dude jumping being way off is also a bit sus
[/quote] snapped on the other dude? what dude? I was holding down mid and he was lagging and teleportation everywhere all game… Just a clean double kill.

[quote=Ghtorres post_id=13899 time=1582391022 user_id=3013]
Yes it is a clean kill, since it takes advantage of the sniper movement that was jumping, they also have to consider the ping of both players

Can you not post on other people’s ban appeals if you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

So this is by far one of the longest ban appeals I’ve ever spent time on, and frankly, everything is so weird and strange.

Despite your attitiude on the Discord (and the silliness of creating a second account just to bypass the mute), I’m going to throw you a bone and fly through an unban, however the Anticheat system remains to have you flagged, so if there is more evidence of suspicious shots or cheats from the Anticheat, you may not get a second one.

Please do not attempt to connect for about 5/10 minutes, incase the system tries to reban.

Comment here if you’re unable to connect after 15/20+ minutes.

Thank you! I wouldn’t have done this huge thing if i was hacking. Sorry about the discord just filled with anger and pissed off… I’m Portuguese its runs in the family. Thank you. Ill see u on the server.