Ban Appeal ImRonix aka IchBinEinLappen

Hey so i got banned on the NamelessNoobs Lockdown Server 24/7 because of Cheating.

So but there is some Problems with that ban

1.It says i was Aimbotting but i wasnt

2.He said he saw me hacking on a other server thats not a reason to ban me on NN server.

3.He banned me Permanently i think thats to much

Ps: Sorry for my bad english and thank you for reading my appeal :smiley:

You admitted to hacking.
No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

You told me you were aimbotting on another server and you also admit to it in this appeal. Another admin has a demo of you aimbotting in that server too, so no you won’t be unbanned.