Ban Appeal INFJ

Ban Appeal Form from INFJ

In-Game name:

Response: Lockdown TDM

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: but idk exactly but few days ago

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: why am i even got banned? i’m pretty sure i didnt do anything wrong unless you just wanna ban people for no reason .

Yet again you’re fucking useless. You didn’t put in your name and you modified the original post. How the fucking shit are we even going to consider unbanning you if we don’t have a name? Think we’ll just pop one out of our asses? Like we have some way of connecting the forum account to your MW3 install? When your mother birthed you, I hope she was arrested for whatever amounts of meth she did during her pregnancy.

You were not banned for no reason. You were banned for no recoil. And you’re probably using other shit too considering how awkwardly you were tracing people, but that doesn’t matter considering your ump rapid fire shoots like an mp7. I like how you tried to hide it by going for hipefire kills across the map, but even then the fact your screen wasn’t shaking at all was a giveaway.

I will upload the video tonight.

I was too lazy to edit and render these clips into a single video so I uploaded multiple videos for you. I also included a video of me imitating you with a normal UMP rapid fire (I added extended mags but that does not do anything for recoil) for comparison.

Heres the first clip:

There is no screen shake when you fire your UMP rapid fire. That is what initially got me to spectate you. It just looks off when you hipfire anything like that and the crosshairs don’t react at all.

It is also very obvious you are tracing NIKO 2.0 as you go around the corner. No one enters mid preaiming walls like this

Were you waiting for someone to pull some Harry Potter shit and jump out of the wall?

Here is where your no recoil is most obvious:

UMP rapid fire does not shoot like that

And here is the comparison video:

You can clearly see the recoil when I hipfire. Even when I am prone on the floor and hipfiring there is noticeable recoil. But when you do it there is none. And when I mimic your cross map kill there is clearly noticeable recoil, but when you shot it there was none.

So does this still look like a ban for no reason to you?

And as a bonus here is a video of that last clip of you played at 0.1x speed

The only time your iron sights move is when you aim slightly downwards and backpedal to correct your aim. It also shows how well you lined that guy up before you could even see him.

idk where did you brought all this crap but its totally nonsense to me and thats bullshit !!!
how we even can know that it was my account or my video since anyone can forger my name and use it
why not we can say that you do such stuffs just to kick people out of the sever?
take care felicia since i know other servers and admins that know me very well
btw maybe you can check out your own admins that played with me several times using aimbots and no recoil or wallhack so before you judge others look at yourselves poor players :wink:

Yeah, people can take your name, but it’s pretty hard to take someone’s IP and GUID, along with your name, bud

Ban appeal denied. Good luck on the other servers my guy. Hopefully you get better at the game instead of having to rely on hacks you fucking moron.

If you want to claim that isn’t you in the video, then you should have no problem playing here as the INFJ in the video is the only INFJ who has ever played on our server. So if thats true you were never banned in the first place.

Also interesting how these admins you know on other servers have banned you and left you banned. Not sure why you think this helps your case.

And if you want to claim we are cheating you are free to upload proof the same way we have uploaded proof of you cheating.

Anyways, since the guy in the video is clearly not you, you have never been banned here. Hope to see you on the server soon :slight_smile:

Ban appeal denied.