Ban Appeal Jigsahhh

Ban Appeal Form from Jigsahhh

In-Game name:

Response: Jigsaw

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8/22/2018

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was banned after I joined 20 minutes later to play again and I can’t see the reason but in the discord it says

“B3 Ban
B3 Banned Jigsaw
Namelessnoobs 24/7 Lockdown Tekno
Yesterday at 1:26 PM”

Which I wasn’t.

You perfectly trace the guy as he pauses on the stairs then continues. Literally perfect trace the entire time. Then you decide to peek a closed window that no one will ever peek, so there’s no point even looking there, but because my teammate was behind it you peeked it, and what a coincidence

Bro, I’m following the door, not him through the wall? I’m holding the line for someone to come around the corner that’s why I’m so slow to turn??? Why would I look at someone through two walls lmao, these are completely stupid, I didn’t know where the window “EXACTLY” was and I didn’t have specialist quick draw so I’m slow asf turning around corner when I’m playing as there is quick draw meaning it’s fast asf to zoom in and move.

And are you really gonna ban me for two “sus” but really aren’t “sus” things? Out of a whole 20 minute video?

The first clip litterally isn’t sus what so ever, people are spawning on the right side of the map since my team has the left side and I go to watch after not having a teammate there for quite a while and I slowly peek the corner and there so happens to be a guy at the stairs, I’m clearly following the doors angle by slowly peeking while my crosshair is exactly on the doors edge, than the guy runs out and I shoot him, and you can see another guy coming as well if I was walling I would of stayed to kill him too, which I don’t I run away not knowing if there is another one or not.

The second clip is completely stupid, you can see when I’m on the first open window I’m looking towards the window waiting for someone to peek (If you watched the whole game you’ll see people constantly in those windows killing us while we are in the current corridor I’m in) and I see no one peeking that certain window so I decide to move to the other window where I can see the entrance to the room and I didn’t know exactly where it was so I peeked and realized I was looking at the wall and ended up moving along to watch the door way which you can clearly see me doing and he comes through and I shoot, simple. As for the looking into the wall as well I didn’t have quick draw which I thought I did so I was playing for the fast peek but since I didn’t have it I was very slow turning to the corner, if you see when I change from the second window I aim in again then aim out, that’s because I really did think I had quick draw and when I realized I re scoped and re peeked the window again.

I highly suggest watching this over again and not just simply going off me looking at someone through a wall a few times, pretty dumb, it happens a lot and you’ll never realize it until you’re banned off a server for no reason. CSGO pros are called out for cheating all the time because they look at people through walls “accidentally” and they don’t know they are.

Can you provide us with your demo then?

The first clip is sus. You traced someone perfectly as they came up the stairs, then paused, and then continued up the stairs and your crosshair just happened to be moving at the exact same rate as them. And then then the next thing you do is stare directly at someone through a wall you cant shoot through or peek. That’s why its sus.

And you say “and you can see another guy coming as well if I was walling I would of stayed to kill him too, which I don’t I run away not knowing if there is another one or not”, except that guy was your teammate. The guy you killed was on Delta. The guy walking by after is on Spetsnaz.

I didn’t realise he was a teammate sorry, I looked in to the window/wall because I was pre peeking but like I said, I didn’t have quickdraw or Stalker which I thought I did, thats why i unpeeked and peeked again because I was so slow

To me that does seem pretty suspicious

Quote on quote, “Suspicious”, keyword, “SUSPICIOUS”, nothing I would ever ban someone for.

To prevent this topic from derailing or going off track, I’ll re-quote Bloo and the request made upon you:

I am not a Modern Warfare 3 Admin, but a demo would help the current team. If you do not have one - or are having issues - please report back here.

I don’t have it anymore as I upgraded to windows 10 2-3 days ago and have reset all my HDD’s/SSD’s.

So I ask if you can upload your demo, then you respond without even acknowledging I asked for your demo, and then you get a new hard drive a day or two later without saving your demo. That’s really convenient.

Ban appeal denied.