Ban Appeal Joe

Ban Appeal Form from Joe

In-Game name:

Response: Joe

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/1/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN S&D Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: Hi, i think admin sneaky corw temp banned me for 3 hours. reason was not “arguing with admin”. but he said to me “you suck dick” and the ban was on map backlot and i was in the near from the bomb and 90 seconds was left. and then i got a warn for “play object”. so i said “i am in the near from the bomb! why warned?” and so i got this temp ban. is not okay, i see no really reason! maybe Admin-Gehabe (i dont know the english word for this)!

It wasn’t Undercrow who tempban you. I did. The objective message had been spam prior to you being warn. Several player were complaining regarding people behavior of spawn camping. You decided that the best course of action for being the last team member alive was to prone and not do anything until the enemy team found you. Hence the warning to play the objective. Secondly, you were arguing with several people in the chat. Thus, i decided to tempban you rather than warn you 2 more time. This was obviously heading in that direction. Next time you decide to fuck around in spawn and get warn for it dont bitch about it.

First: I was in the middle in the near from the tank at map backlot! Second: I was killed and THEN the ban came! Thirdly: I did not spam, you are confusing me! Fourth, what’s your game name in the game?
Fifth: if there are still 90 seconds to play, that’s no ban!

and sixth: why you dont warned sneaky crow for “you suck dick”? you was there and you read it! when you are so sensitive i ask me that!

I wasn’t on the server at the time of this warning and temp ban, so I can’t comment on this specific ban, but I can see from the logs that you have been warned for not following the objective by 5 different admin in the last 2 months… maybe next time should be a perm ban -.-

In either case, the temp ban will have expired by now, so I will close this ban appeal.

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