Ban Appeal JuskuStream

Hello boiis.
In-Game name: JuskuStream

Date and approximate time of banning: 27.5.2017 | around 14:05 in finland time.

On what server you got banned: Namelessnoobs lockdown EU

Why should we unban you: Well, i didn’t use anykind hacks, I know that i might have a bit wierd playstyle because i prefire/aim alot but that is just how have more time to react, So that kinda gives you better change to kill enemy. I also have High(?) sensivity so that i aim ‘‘fast’’ might look a bit weird also :smiley: But anyway i streamed when i got banned and i clipped that match from my stream and i link it for you guys so you can check it, Or do you want a demo of that match?
Link: Twitch
Have a nice weekend boiis! :epicwin:

Link demo please!fYY0kYQb!ZXPPJTlssoaxQFP_FWMh-gQQ99rN0WLrEY1Pm44oeNA
there you go

Just saw this, I will watch asap, get my peers opinions then make a decision… thanks for your patience

Okey thank you.

So i don’t wanna rush or anything but it have been over a week now since a ban, so im i getting unbanned?


Okey thank you.