Ban Appeal justduder

Ban Appeal Form from justduder

In-Game name:

Response: justDuder; rock2ak; Chang

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/25/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: Was banned for “Teaming with a group of 8” while scavenging kits/mats and pvping after the raid at 5-6pm. Came back to another group rolling up and our other teammate(mr. chow) abandoned us, so I started killing his new group before he domes me. He felt bad and threw me a hazzy, pumpkin, and custom at the old counter base. Then I get killed by another group (who 6-8 man countered me yesterday).

drop the hammer

right, wish there was some consistency

You really are going to keep spamming that same screen shot? They added a team member when they realized they were being 8 man raided (which we’ve proved already) and did that to equal out the huge advantage your teams had over the defenders (essentially 8 man raid, vs 4 man defenders). If you guys want to sit there and pretend that you didn’t flex the rules to give yourselves an un-fair advantage in a raid; then that’s your problem. What i find amazing is that we have a grand total of 2 rules here… TWO and you guys couldn’t help yourselves from bending them to fit your agenda.

This issue is closed, we’ve reviewed all the evidence that was supplied, in conjunction with combat logs, TC/Door lock authorizations and you guys were found to be breaking the 4 man max raid/roam limit. Your ban is being upheld until February 7th, when you guys can feel free to have an 8 man group when we remove the team limit. Until then, you cannot participate on our server.

Whatever, Thunder, you blind fuck. Knee-jerk bans were funny until it happened to me. Some get 48-hours, I got 10-days. You’ve been an awful admin who ignores actual teaming evidence. (and I only reposted that each time you cleared comments. twice. 1. 2.)

On Thurs, they had 2 groups countering our 3-man raid in O9, where the fuck were you? On Fri, it was 2 pvp/raid events between 3-4 teams at 4pm-6pm and 7pm-8pm CST. I came to the counter base at P2 fo action and scraps in between. Was even killed by and killed the people you banned for “8-man teaming” - XD

Been on NN server since you offered wall knockdowns in early Dec, playing 75-100hrs per week, watching it get worse. Lately, you’ve ignored us when actual evidence is presented. A complete shit show where toxic players thrive. Y’all can’t even bump to 150 pop the right way… and most of us banned yesterday, would have bought VIP access, too.

No worries, though. Found several servers with consistency, less lag, and admins who chat before 10-day banning players. Plus, most of your regulars have already started on other servers. GL M8.

“I want to appeal my unjust, unfair ban. I want to see the evidence, prove my innocence and be unbanned to join your server again!”

“Fuck you and your horrible server, full of trashy admins and players, I hope you die in a fire”

GG bud. Great way to prove your age and maturity level.

Well, excuse me for not being on rust 24/7 like your ass. Have fun, and join another server. :bye: