Ban Appeal Kage

Ban Appeal Form from Kage

In-Game name:

Response: Kage

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/1/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown

Why should we unban you:

Response: Hello! I am new to this game and I have a low level. I ranked up and unlocked the SCAR-H and I wanted to get the Fall camo for it. Thus, I was aiming for the head more, and getting more headshots. Halfway through the game and around 3:10 pm (Central Time Zone) I was kicked from the server for "potentially cheating. I went through the Discord report logs and didn’t even see my in game name on there. The reason I was playing your guys server is because of the good ping. Therefore the people I was playing against had around 150-200 ping which would make it seem like I was cheating. If you would please unban me so I can continue to try and get the SCAR Fall camo I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!

You were flagged and then later banned by the anti-cheat so we will need you to go into your game folder and find the demo file for the game you were banned in. When you find it upload it so we can review it to make sure it was a false positive.

I just registered less than ten minutes ago and when I want to enter one of their servers it immediately expels never use cheats of any kind

Hi there, please make your own ban appeal using the .php below.

Here are some of the files from that day I believe 6 or so
New WinRAR ZIP (939 KB)

Thank you for that

I will review these in 10 mins

Finally watched through your demo files. My guess is that the sudden frame drops messed with the anti-cheat so if you sort those out you’ll have less of an issue with this happening in the future. Not sure if you were using it or not but there is a low fps mode if you try pushing “N” and this is in basically every server. I’m going to unban you now so if you have any issues tag @mw2admin in #cod, or just dm me or chryssi.
Appeal accepted