Ban Appeal Kanyounus2911

Ban Appeal Form from Kanyounus2911

In-Game name:

Response: AKT-Kany2oP

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 5/20/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: i have been playing in this server since i 1st came to this game, and i am banned with no proof at all ,my previous IGN =Kanyounus2oP

wait for proof.

he was looking where people were through the walls mostly. I provide the evidence with the clip and then the clip again and showing where the enemy was.

in some cases he shot where the enemy was but was behind the wall, or was a second late and was killed.

i can provide TV myself and do u know something about portable rader>?< UAVs and advance UAvs , my team had em a lot and i my self was using a portable radar

also u can have my demo if u want

and BTW i am not a new player, i knw most spawn places , i do a lot of blind fire still its ur choice, i can give the demo as well

and that fire r8 there, did i kil the enemy?
i didnt and that was just a check fire

ffs more thn enough kills u took wrong : i thot those team mates as enemys, many of thm were at same place
lemme upload it

and really vodka u banned me ; didnt thot that,i thot it was some enw admin WEW WELLL PLAYED

meh calling pre aims and WHs -_- oh come on doood that is pre aim : no wh i look every where : ffs

The spam is real.

sorry but so i will stay banned>?

Be patient and stop posting useless replies.

i would say keep him banned for spamming so much

but I am feeling good and nice today.

:confused: plz unban me in namelessnoobs24/7

I dont think you’re getting unbanned.

No spameroni pls

why is that:/ i am not new player ,i am old and i dont fuking hack gys ,i have been playing in NN24/7 like since when i started playing mw3 :confused: and here he banned me

i dont see no proof ??!!

unban proof? or banned proof?if banned proof then go to previous page vodka gave it,according to him it was a wallhack