Ban Appeal kdy

Ban Appeal Form from kdy

In-Game name:

Response: kdy

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 5/13/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I did not cheat. There was no proof whatsoever of me cheating, or evidence to suggest that I had hacks. I was MVP of the game and an admin on the other team banned me. I got two triple kills with a silenced UMP 45 and was banned about ten seconds after that. I did no wrong. I do not use and have not used any cheats or hacks or anything of the sort in any online game. You can spectate me in-game if you wish just to show proof that I have no hacks. My play style is very fast. I come from Rainbow Six Siege, which requires incredible attention to enemy positions and the environment and sounds. I rely solely on reaction times and sound cues. This is one of the only Nuketown servers I ever play, and is the only one that stays frequently populated. I would very much like to have access to the server again. Thank you.

  • kdy

Hello and thank you for your appeal.

You were banned for “No Recoil” hacks as shown in the video below. Due to the fact we don’t allow such things on our servers, you were therefore permabanned. Please check out the video and leave your comments on this thread while the administration team reviews the evidence and decides on your appeal.

I was in game as well. I fully agree with your ban after reviewing the evidence.

At :23, :39, and :42, you can clearly see me attempting and failing to control the recoil. Controlling a silenced UMP 45 is very easy with a mouse. Like i said, I come from Rainbow Six Siege and controlling recoil is one of the key aspects of the game. Had i been using anything for no recoil then I would not have died nearly as much as I had. I understand how that looks suspicious, but I can assure you that I don’t even have access to anything to control recoil beyond dragging the mouse down.

Upon re-reviewing the three mentioned timestamps above, there is still signs of no recoil, as all three are simply you moving your mouse horizontally to attack the other targets to either side of you. There’s also unexplainable moments such as :02 → :08 and :34 in which your gun has no kick whatsoever, especially at :34 where you’re hipfiring while standing up and moving, which should have a moderate amount of recoil.

Several members of the clan have their own Siege team, and they’re damn good at what they do, but even they can’t pull of this level of recoil when playing cod, especially one who plays both Siege and COD in respectable amounts.

To add to the above point, you cannot control the recoil of ANY gun in MW2 fully, because the recoil of every gun is truly random. Go fire an Intervention or an M4 over and over and tell me that the recoil isn’t random

From :01 to :02, the mark you had mentioned, I can clearly see my gun bounce back up as I get the kill without needing to use any horizontal mouse movement. At the :34 instance you mentioned, you can even see the bullets from my gun ricochet off the ground as I’m adjusting the recoil upwards. Controlling hipfire is one of the easiest things anyone can do.

As I said, I understand why you would feel that way. But nothing suspicious is happening whatsoever. I have never and will never use a hack in my life. I’m not sure how to provide you with evidence that I do not cheat. This was one of my favorite servers to play on and I feel like I was wrongly accused just because my gun appears to have little to no recoil at times. I would be more than happy to allow anyone to spectate me on any Nameless Noobs server just for proof. This does not feel fair to me. I shouldn’t have to miss more shots just to be considered not a hacker. If there is any way at all that I can provide proof of my innocence then I will. I will do anything to have access to the server again.

I never mentioned only :01 and :02. I said from :02 to :08 where you had earned the quadra kill. Your gun showed no signs of recoil at all, no kick or control, just nothing. I understand that you may come from a great Siege background, but as Zomboy has mentioned above, the recoil pattern is extremely hard to “perfect”, purely because it’s never perfect due to bouncing and waving around. Please see the below video that I have made and uploaded to show that the gun cannot be controlled in a perfectional manner. To ensure fairness, I have even copy/pasted the exact class you had (except for Secondary Weapon and Deathstreak). In this video, you can see that both ADS and Hipfire, the gun bounces (kicks) and has a low to medium recoil arc. I have even re-created certain moments such as :34 by hipfire aiming and turning to the left, like you had done so.

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Your appeal is still being worked over by the whole team, as it would be unfair for myself to place the final decision considering I was the one to ban you. The remaining admins who have not yet decided can comment on the appeal or message the other headadmin who will also look over the appeal. Once a decision has been made, we will respond here, lock the thread and unban if it’s been accepted. I can understand it doesn’t feel fair, but that’s why I’m taking a step back and letting everyone else decide too, so that it is fair and just to the team, the server and the users.

Okay. I’m not sure why this is happening to me, of all people. I have spectated people who’s accuracy was far superior to mine, even while using an MP5. Mind you, spectating recoil is not the same as client-side recoil. What you see on my screen is not what I see on my screen. I can record an endless amount of footage showing my gun bouncing all over the place when I shoot, but it will appear differently to you. You can spectate any player who is decent with the UMP 45 and it will look similar to what you saw from me, but will not appear that way if you are the one using the UMP 45. Rapid-fire mods for the USP and M9 make it appear as if the gun barrel stays straight on the killcam, but in actuality the barrel will move every time on their side. Spraying with an RPD will exhibit the same properties.

I am sorry if that is not convincing enough for you, but I don’t know how else to provide evidence of my innocence. I can start recording and uploading game footage from now on to show you that I am having to manually control every shot I take if that’s necessary. I am just baffled because nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I thank you for considering my appeal.

Your gun still carries the basic animations of firing but due to your apparent lack of recoil as it only kicks on the eye level plane and doesn’t kick left or right but in stead is on a slider if you will. I understand what points you’re trying to make but that doesn’t mean you have recoil. The game wants to have your gun kick like it was designed to but it can’t with your hacks in the way which is why the animations are still there, however, there is no screen shake or any of the other things that come with recoil. Please explain that to me.

I’m not sure what you are wanting me to say. I’m not an expert on this and I haven’t done enough research to know how the game works on that level of detail. I don’t have any hacks and like I said, I don’t know what kind of proof you are wanting me to provide. The accusations are false, regardless of what it may seem like. I have told you that what you see on the spectator screen is not what you see when you actually play. The gun does not appear to shoot the same. This can be said for any gun in the game, even the Intervention exhibits no recoil on occasions when spectating. That’s the only possible explanation to all of this. The spectator modes and killcams have always been known to be buggy. Watch anyone rapidly fire an FAL or a USP; their screen will exhibit recoil and jump, but the spectator mode will almost always show very little to no barrel movement at all.

That is the only think I can think of. I would like to see spectator footage of anyone else doing well with a silenced UMP just as evidence to support my claim. I am not a cheater. I do not use hacks, not do I ever plan to. I am not that person. Those people get reported when I spot them. The accusation is entirely false and I don’t know what else to say and regardless of any claims made against me, I can take it to my grave that I have committed no wrongdoing. If I need to start streaming my games as proof that my screen does not match what the spectator is seeing then I can do that. If what I have provided is not sufficient evidence of my innocence then so be it, I will accept the ban and hopefully find another decent server to regularly play on, although I would rather not have to do that. Again, thank you for considering my appeal.

It’s been 2 days since the last post and I’ve asked the other admins for their opinions based on this thread and the evidence provided for and against your appeal. Among the general population, there was a large voting for no in this case, with the occasional yes and unsure. Due to this, I’m leaving a comment here to notify you that the appeal has been denied and to lock the thread, so that there’s no further comments on an already closed appeal.

Bear in mind, I’m not saying this as a sort of “I have power, so I decide”. I promise that this was a fair verdict by several members of the team, including the other head-admin. If you wish, you can join the discord (located at the top right of the page) and speak to us there to verify.

Thank you again for your appeal and time.

//Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked.