Ban Appeal Kilzuh

Ban Appeal Form from Kilzuh

In-Game name:

Response: Kilzuh

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/29/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN TDM

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was banned after some people in chat agreed that I was walling. Obviously I was not. Then they report me. And bam! I’m banned? Iv’e never cheated ever in plutonium. When I was banned it said that I “Appeared to be hacking”?? Please unban me soon. I would like to continue playing on your servers.

There were quite a few times where it seemed you weren’t simply playing it safe and could in fact tell that there was someone behind a wall and where they were going. This is the reason you were banned.

Well, this is quite bullshit. I dont cheat. Here is a little background about me. Ive been playing FPS games since I was very young with my first COD that I personally owned being Bo1 on the Xbox 360. I fell in love with the genre of FPS games and have played a ton ever since. Getting older I decided I wanted a PC. I played Overwatch at the time. I got a PC, determined to be a good player I played for hours everyday for years on Overwatch as a DPS (Damage character). I managed to reach the highest rank in the game called “Top 500” within a year playing with Pro players and streamers in my ranked matches because of my aim and gamesense which i was always improving. I knows this story doesnt mean much on the surface but I just want to let you know that I am a person who has put the time into gaming and I am very proud of my aim and general ability at games, mainly FPS games. Can you let me screenshare to you on discord me playing Bo2 to show you that I am not a cheater and I have put the time in to be a good player?

-Also, the reason I am pre-aiming around corners and walls etc, is because of a common FPS mechanic called “crosshair placement”

-I understand why you banned me because I do have a suspicious play-stlye. But that doesnt mean you should just ban me with no chance of being unbanned.

-Watching 3mins of gameplay is not enough to determine if someone is walling imo.

Everything you mentioned has nothing to do with explaining why you were looking at people as if you were following through walls.

Again, I am not cheating. Is there any way that I can show you this? It’s clear to me that you are banning me just because you feel like I am cheating with no real proof. I am literally being banned for a few minutes of gameplay which is bullshit. Go watch more of my gameplay and you would not have banned me because it is clear that I am not cheating and that I am an actual good player with gamesense. I dont have any explanation for the following people through walls even though I wasnt. I would like to see what situations you think I am “following people through walls”. Please be reasonable man. I just want to continue playing on your serves but a bunch of whiny people in chat calling me a cheater and a few minutes of gameplay is the reason I cant. Cmon, please at least let me show you in some way that I am not cheating.

-I am watching the gameplay back of me “walling” and it’s total crap. Explain why I am dying a few times looking away from where the enemies are. Also, look how I almost always am pre-aiming around corners even when enemies are not there. That’s because it is just my play-style to do aka crosshair placement. That side of the map was seeing a lot of action too, so obviously I am going to be expecting enemies there. I see the parts that look suspicious but all i can say to that is that it was coincidence. Look at any good palyer’s gameplay and you will see a lot of that, especially in COD

Look, unless you supply your own demo file or get voted as clean by the other admins you’re staying banned. It honestly looks like you were trying to hide it since people were on to you and you’re just trying to bullshit your way out of this.

What is a demo file? I am willing upload one.
And no I am not trying to bullshit my way out of this. You banned me with almost 0 proof and as a player that isnt cheating, being labeled as a cheater has me mad as you could imagine.
Just tell me what to do to get unbanned. I wasnt cheating so I will upload whatever you would like to see.

I can’t find where it’s found in plutonium but in other games or clients, for example iw4x for mw2, there is a folder that has full game recording from your pov of the game.

Does that mean I am screwed? I cant find where to see demo files for Bo2 plutonium either. Can you get an admin that knows how to help me?

I will do/upload whatever you want me to if I know how to.

I cannot find demo files. Is there any other way to appeal my ban. To be fair, you should have at least watched more than a few minutes of gameplay before permanently banning me. Can you get other admins to look at this and help me get unbanned? Like I said I will do/upload whatever you want to see. And lastly, ask the other admins if the footage confirms that I am cheating beyond a reasonable doubt(which imo it doesnt).

You’re wrong to assume that the recorded clips was all i saw. You consistently played like that the whole time. That play style is not normal even among competitive players so please wait.

Alright, sorry for the assumptions. Please get another admin here to help me prove my innocence because obviously you think that I am guaranteed cheating and nothing I say or do will change your mind.

Hello and thanks for the appeal.

I can understand you’re frustrated, but please have some decency and fairness with the admins, we’re all human and whether we or the anticheat ban you, being hostile doesn’t help the situation for anyone, as it only makes things more tedious and frustrating for all parties involved.

There are some debates about your ban which we’ve looked over and we’re willing to do a one time unban as most users can get, but please understand that from a neutral point of view, there are multiple occasions where you can look incredibly suspicious, and so I don’t blame the admin for banning you and also note that the admin who banned you can’t really get involved with the end process, so they need to wait for us to view the evidence.

Please wait roughly 5/10 minutes before trying to reconnect from the time of this message, as the server might be a little slow to process sometimes.

//Appeal Accepted
//Thread Locked

Thank you. You can monitor me all you want. If people are accusing me of cheating and you have to look into me again, please spectate me for more than a match or two so you can be almost 100% sure that I am cheating (which I am not because I dont and wouldn’t cheat). I do understand that we are all human but all Im asking is to make sure you are more thorough with your investigations on players, especially on players accused of walling which is a very tough cheat to detect and come to reasonable conclusions unless they are blatantly using it. Sorry for being a little hostile. It is very frustrating having my skill undermined by cheating accusations. Thank you again. I am surprised on how quickly I was banned even though it was a false ban. It’s good to know that the servers are being constantly patrolled for cheaters.