Ban Appeal King.Maximo

Ban Appeal Form from King.Maximo

In-Game name:

Response: King.Maximo

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/7/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: 100% wasn’t hacking, I don’t cheat. I do the lookout for our clan, and use a silenced AK. Things are super risky now because our clan is getting more progressed. Not sure what triggered the ban. I know that sometimes when I kill people they complain about the silencer. I put a good amount of time in the server, never had any problems with anyone other than salty firefights. We’re all good people, some of us donors, and we all have fun, especially near oxum gas station. I don’t know what a double headshot is but I do aim for the head/neck region. I don’t really pay attention to chat or the names of players because I come from years of playing DayZ. We are definitely planning to play this server long-term. Could we please come back? Thanks for your time. And Happy Labor Day

Good Evening,

I was the one of the admins that banned you. We watched you after several reports from other players complaining about ESP. Initially, you found me behind a high external stone wall, when i made no noise, and was sitting still. You ran around the corner and double head shot me. 2nd time i was hiding on the far side of your complex, behind another high wall and you walked into the compound and looked right at where i was sitting, through the wall. You then decided to flank wide around me and come up behind where i was looking, and then proceeded to shoot me with a water-pipe shotgun. Both times, i was crouching/standing completely still and making no noise. Please see attached video clips of both incidents, along with the clip from the admin that was shadowing you.

Ban will remain in place, and your group has been banned for association of a cheater. Moral of the story; STOP CHEATING.

Have a good night and thank you for the appeal.

First video you weren’t invisible, I seen you in front of the base after circling it multiple times, doing patrol. Later again you come back and I shoot you with your old shotgun from earlier and start creating distance and then you ban me…

Here is my perspective, You very clearly knew where “lone boater” was the whole time and just made an effort to make it look less suspicious.

Nice try man. We’ll be forwarding your info to facepunch for suspicion of hacking. Thank you for your appeal, Ban remains.

Ok. That looks hella sus. But how the hell are we to know if he is or not hacking? It is pretty unfair. We were allied and had just given codes to the inside as we were often trading stuff.

That is the part of the base we just fought from and to the ridge. I’m camping that part of the base while the other guys build and find you. We’re neighboring allies trying to expand. Good game.

hahahaha sorry guys seriously my involvement in this case but I have been watching the videos to entertain myself for a while … but that is “ESP FROM HERE TO CHINA” without any doubt hahaha … greetings