Ban Appeal: krA7y

Ok I found it under tutorial section.

In-Game name: krA7y

Date and approximate time of banning: Last month (was last on 2 weeks ago)

On what server you got banned: Nameless Noobs server

Why should we unban you: Because I dont and have never hacked, my k/d is 1.2. Not sure why I was banned when I was asked to join as admin a few weeks ago.

Can you check into it please. I can play a game with you and show you how I play. Ill even join the admin too, Im on every day.

Why was I banned anyway? I wasnt banned for hacking I know that. I might of thought someone in the game was and got a bit sooky. I wont get sooky no more though. I can show you me playing or can call and talk. I also can be an admin and help out.

I also dont like the kS or other servers. Nameless Noobs was my home since I started.
I played with knifemare a lot and another admin asked me to join.

I need to edit and change the server to Nameless Noobs (Lockdown Server).

Well admin that banned you didnt respond back.