Ban Appeal L34H

Ban Appeal Form from L34H

In-Game name:

Response: L34H

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/15/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: We were banned for group size but only have 8 in our group. We have had a few members swap out because of personal life reasons and followed the steps provided by an admin (The Bacon) to properly replace members. We cleared auth on doors, TC, and turrets. We were not warned about this prior and were unable lock up our doors which opens us to attack.

Can this please made private for the safety of our group.

Hello and thank you for your appeal.

I was the admin who banned you for the 9 man group. After reports that users of your team were possibly grouping in a larger set than the 8 allowed, I personally inspected your base and gathered the list of 8 players who are naturally in or around your base at the time I was watching:

  • GrandMasterJAY

  • Creed

  • L34H

  • n0mad

  • GenerallyAvg

  • iKeepsitOnMe

  • SirRussell

  • Big L

Upon delving deeper into your base (and out of respect, I won’t disclose the location of your base) I found a Tool Cupboard that had a 9th member assigned, as well as a sleeping bag and other items that were assigned to this user (Coldunk). Because of the fact they were still assigned (and were outside your base during the night time), I issued a 12 hour ban for the 9 man teaming.

I understand that you’d like this to be private, but I am unable to move it into a section that would constiute privacy for the thread, and so I’ve done what I can by not disclosing details of your location or base setup on the server or in thread. Please see the attached proof for details:

Thank you for your prompt response. I would like to request that we please have at least one player lock down the base? This was a mistake on our part, we were in the process of swapping GenerallyAvg for ColDunk. As you can see he was last on 7/11/2019 We just added Coldunk today and were rebuilding from a raid the other day, replacing many of our doors. I would really hope that we could be warned in an instance like this to be given a chance to correct the issue or explain before a ban is issued to help create less frustration from both sides.

Here is the exchange from the Nameless noobs discord when the user leaving now was joining, but he had to leave the group.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances, and the complaints from the other server members this ban must be enforced.

I understand that i spoke with you directly about how to swap out players for non active ones. However you must also understand that when we are getting report after report for a group with a dozen people (not combined, but in total) that it makes other players pissy, and thus we are forced to do our jobs.

With that being said, i do not over ride my admins decisions unless there is some glaring inconsistency with the proof or if they have some sort of bias, which i dont believe exists here. So unfortunately fellas, the ban will stick.

We have never roamed or had more than 8 active users. Please provide proof from these other players of this claim. If we are required to (and have) provided proof its only fair for you to provide proof of over 8 of us on at the same time in the same area.

12 hour have passed since your groups ban, and despite the issues in the Discord Server, we are offering you one last chance and now lifting the ban. Please ensure you have all door codes reset, tool cupboards reset and so on to remove your old team member from the list from having any sort of access to your base, as if they do, they can easily use your stuff or be considered part of the team.