Ban Appeal lanukui

Ban Appeal Form from lanukui

In-Game name:

Response: AzNpRsWaZoN

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 5/28/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Broadcast

Why should we unban you:

Response: I dont remember the actual date i got banned, but i was banned because apparently i was using abusive language or something, when ive literally never typed in chat or communicated with anyone.

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

As this was a Call of Duty 4 appeal and the admins there may know you better than I do, I’ll leave this in their very capable hands, but I will post my findings below based on what I’ve seen about your ban.
To be fair, I’ve gone back through the past 25 days worth of recorded chat messages, below is a list of the messages I’ve found in response to your increased punishment.

(23 days ago)


  • golden u fat fagot / steez fuck u

  • slimu fat fagot

(21 days ago)

  • lumi u fuckin dick suckin scum

(Lumi being an admin)

  • chicken u fagot

  • psicoballs / gay fagot

On the 7th of may, you were warned four times before getting an auto tempban. After returning, you proceeded to shout:


You were then banned again for a short period of time.

You had earned two temporary bans and 8 warnings before getting a temporary ban from Awakening, who then revoked and gave you a perma one when he realised you had already previously been banned before.

From my personal opinion, I would allow the ban to stay as you had earned enough warnings and te,porary measures, however I will allow the other admins to decide this.

Good luck in your appeal.

ok, so this was explained to me the first time i made a ban appeal a while ago, but apparently my account links to another persons account or something?? I didnt really understand the explanation so… Anyways Ive literally said nothing that youve brought up its some other dude idk. How do I unlink myself from the guy thats actually saying all that stuff.

Hey Lanukui,

Yes, you are correct, for some reason you show up with the same GUID as several other players. So when one of them was banned, the ban effected all of you who were sharing the same GUID. Normally the GUID is supposed to be unique to each player, but for some reason several players end up with this particular one.

Anyway, I have unbanned you for now since the ban is effecting several innocent players.

Link to previous appeal for reference:

Thanks Chryssi for taking the time to look up the info for this one. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner and save you the time. This particular iw4 profile is well known to me and I was trying to find a solution to unban Woahsabi as well who is lumped in with this ban and shares the same guid.

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